WordPress so easy to use according to Blogger

You can start online business with website and you can decide what is helpful for you so don’t worry I have a easy way for you but you decide which platform is best for easy to grow.

WordPress and blogger is most famous platform and both platforms are ranking on google search engine.

WordPress V/S blogger

WordPress is so easy to use because you can easily fully customise.

Monetization option is available on both platforms.

WordPress is providing multiple plugin but blogger have a not any plugin.

WordPress is providing easily customise theme but blogger theme is not a customise.

WordPress is your ownership property blogger is not your property this is only google ownership not your.

You can easily decide domain name extension .com, .net,. Org, .in, but blogger is providing only blog spot. Com

WordPress is not a free because you buying domain and hosting most important even if you can buy theme plugin and seo tool it’s your choice but for a beginner enough hosting and domain.

Blogger is free and no need any domain and hosting purchase



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Amit Kumar| Creator| Blogger| blackFriday| digital

Amit Kumar| Creator| Blogger| blackFriday| digital


I am a founder of EARNWITHBLOGTECH.COM & i am Entrepreneur, blogger and Affiliate marketing, successful Blogger, creator, Digital marketing, black Friday deal