Why Blogging is a Slow growing Business



Why Blogging is a Slow growing Business
Why Blogging is a Slow growing Business

I spend a lot of time online reading blogs that are in my niche. Lately, it seems that a lot of the people I follow are focused on growing their blog and business as fast as possible. Everyone wants to do better than last month. Everyone wants to sell more than the competition. Everyone talks about the importance of having high traffic. You can’t make money from your blog if your traffic is low. No-one will want to hire you and no company will want to work with you. It seems that 100k is everywhere, whether we are talking about page views or annual income.

I love reading success stories and I am so happy when it happens to people I follow, but all this talk makes me feel bad about what I’m doing. I often feel that I am doing everything wrong.

My blog has been growing steadily, my email list is growing, and my business with them. I am happy with my work and my lifestyle, and yet I find myself feeling discouraged. I used to feel that slow growth only happens to me, but after talking to other people about it, I realized a lot of bloggers and entrepreneurs worry about it.

Why it matters to me


About a year ago, I decided to focus on growing my blog and use it to launch my own creative business with SEO search engine optimization.

I started thinking about having my own design blog many years ago, but at the time all I wanted was to work with large companies. It didn’t take me long to realize that working on large websites wasn’t really the dream. What I really want is to create my own website (EARNWITHBLOGTECH.COM), so I did just that. It took me about a year to create my blog & start blogging and affiliate marketing, but selling and promoting them was not as easy as I thought and I’m still working on my LAPTOP.

When I re-launched this blog at the beginning of the year, I expected it to take off right away. I had some posts on the first page of Google and many ideas. The realist in me knew that growing your blog is not a walk in the park, but it’s easy to lose track of that when you are surrounded by so many success stories.

My blog and business go hand in hand, and it wasn’t until late spring that things started to get better. I’m still not completely satisfied with everything, but I’m trying to come to terms with the slow growth of my business.

How to deal with the slow growth of your blog or business

Is slow growth bad?

I spend a lot of time writing, researching, creating graphics, and promoting my blog. Sometimes, I feel that I spend more time on my blog than on actual work. Considering all the effort I put into this, I feel very disappointed when I see that my traffic grows at about the same rate every month.

Slow growth goodness

When you lose your enthusiasm, it’s easy to think that you are a failure and ignore the fact that slow growth is still growth. You might not be where you want to be, but you are getting there.

The majority of businesses fail in their first year. A lot of them grow fast and fade fast. Achieving success right away does not guarantee that things will stay that way.

No matter how disappointed and discouraged you are, it’s very important to keep moving forward. Dealing with slow growth might even be beneficial in the long run. It requires a lot of patience, but it also helps that you stay focused, improve your skills, and build a strong brand that reflects who you are.

What to do about it:


If you are not happy with your stats, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start doing something to get those numbers up:

create blog posts that are relevant and beneficial to your ideal audience and share them.

use Google Analytics to find out what your readers like and write more posts in that niche.

take a more intentional approach in the way you promote your blog or business.

create free products that will attract your ideal readers.

guest post on successful blogs from your niche.

update your website or rebrand.

take a class and learn something new related to blogging or your business




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