Fully Managed VPS Hosting - Start for Free | Cloudways - DigitalOcean

Fully Managed VPS Hosting - Start for Free | Cloudways - DigitalOcean

Modernize your digital presence with managed website hosting

Cloudways managed cloud hosting means leaving the complexity of hosting websites to the experts so you can get back to building your business.

Trusted by more than 75,000 businesses worldwide; focused on speed, reliability, value, and performance.

Simple and easy-to-use platform

Get unlimited websites and visits per serve, powerful add-ons, flexible workflows, and easy vertical scaling so you can focus on growth, not management.

Expert technical support available at all times

Focus on the work that truly matters—growing your business—while our team of in-house experts performs automatic updates, provides premium support, and stands ready to help.

Optimized stack for high performance

Deploy a server with a preinstalled stack, including NGINX, Apache, and Memcached, and application-level caching to achieve optimal performance.

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