Shortly after we launched ClickFunnels, I wrote the first edition of this book, DotCom Secrets, as a playbook to show other companies how to quickly grow their companies with the SAME funnels that we used to grow our companies

so I recument you buying this book because in this book thousand type of ideas for dotcom secrets and the writer of RUSSELL BRUNSON He is a co-founder of click funnel

Yay! The year is 2020, and it is the year we have been waiting for the release of Traffic Secrets Book by Russell Brunson.

If you have read any other book by Russell Brunson, you would understand why most entrepreneurs are impatient for the launch of the book.

Needless to say, the book will go out of stock in just a few weeks after launch!


I have worked with and promoted a lot of different seo software provider over the year SEMrush and berush team have been one of the reliable partner since the start of my project they have supported me with api data , feedback and creative solution to permote SEMrush The best part about being an affiliate is earning.


Seo is first trick Research keyword this place start Seo with some research keyword tool find out what a phrases and search queries people are using on google and take a note of the number of time this is use on monthly basis this let s you know how competitive a keyword is keyword with hundreds or thousand of monthly searches are extremely competitive you be faced with a stiff challenges getting your content on page one for these term longer or more specific long tail keyword on the other hand usually have fewer research and are less competitive they are also likely to be more specific to your business.

1> Research the right keyword tool

2> Use your keyword correctly

3> Write something value

4> Make it the right lenght

Amazon affiliate marketing is the best platform earning source affiliate system is process if you have blog, facebook, instagram & many more social media side to you can permote link on any social media side you can sale out product & earn commission if you can sale this product any costumer buy this product on my blog LINK many more discount.

SEO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is a best part of ranking blog & wordpress website seo is main roll for ranking and For example many more types of SEO

>ahrefs seo keyword tool

>google search console

>SEMrush Marketing tool

>KWFinder SEO keyword tool

>MOZ SEO software

>UBERSUGGEST keyword ranking tool

this all are tools for ranking seo & keyword ranking tool some tools are paid & some tools unpaid IF you are intrested SEMrush tool buy so you can click my blog link

I Permot my blog for affiliate brand marketing its my first post.

if you can buy SEMrush seo tool and amazon product easily buy.

Amit kumar

I am a Blogger / Entrepreneur / Digital marketing / Social media marketing on quora,LinkedIn,reddit,medium,Pintrest,insta https://bloggerbrands.

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